$6.00 USD - $59.00 USD

⭐ Patreon Physical Rewards

⭐ Patreon Physical Rewards
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⭐ Prints are 4x6 inch printed in 18-pt soft touch paper . Full color print front and back with foil on both sides.

⭐ Stickers are Vinyl, Weatherproof.

⭐Can be combined with other prints from 6x6 PRINTS :

P1. Idol Faden
P2. Amane (Sept OC)

P3. Idol Nadel
P4. Lumi (Oct OC)
P5. Mishko sticker
P6. Mishko

P7. Idol Jacques
P8. Andie and Milky (Nov OC)

P9. Idol Sid
P10. Cyro Wilock (Dec OC)

P11. Idol Wilock
P12. Madeleine (Jan OC)

P13. Jinxing
P14. Jinxing (chibi ver, Feb OC)

P15. Harushika Sticker Sheet
P16. Harushika (Mar OC)

P17. Emile Sticker Sheet
P18. Emile (April OC)

P19. Aurelia Sticker Sheet
P20. Aurelia (May OC)

P21. Ju Qiu Sticker Sheet
P22. Ju Qiu (April OC)

P23. Nanala Sticker Sheet
P24. Nanala (April OC)

⭐Send me a note upon checkout on which prints you want and please use this format :

ex. PICK 3 - P2, A32, B1 ( Amane, Sonia and Zelda)