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Character Wish Stickers

Character Wish Stickers
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Each sticker pack will be in a custom envelope and will contain:

Will be back soon when new characters are added ⭐

(7 pcs) 4 ⭐ matte vinyl character sticker
(3 pcs) 5 ⭐ matte vinyl character sticker
(1 pc) intertwined fate holographic vinyl sticker

Please note that every pack is RANDOMIZED!

5 ⭐ Characters available : Diluc, Jean, Mona, Qiqi, Keqing, Zhongli, Tartaglia, Klee, Albedo, Ganyu, Xiao, Hutao, Venti, Kazuha, Eula, Ayaka

4 ⭐ Characters available : Bennett, Xingqiu, Diona, Fischl, Ningguang, Razor, Sucrose, Xiangling, Barbara, Beidou, Chongyun, Kaeya, Xinyan, Lisa, Noelle, Amber, Rosaria, Yanfei

Character sticker is 3.30 x 2.17 inch
Intertwined Fate is 1 x 1 inch